Services We Provide


We sell CCTV cameras as well as installation and maintenance services. We offer expert services to secure your homes and offices.
Trusted brands in surveillance cameras & DVR/NVR
Sale of hard disks
Sale of network cables
Quality Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Maintenance and repairs

Access Control System Sale & Installation

Secure your building with our quality access control systems. We provide durable access control systems which you can use to secure restricted areas of your property.
User friendly access control software interface, Grant access to restricted area and Remote management of system.

Electronic Door Lock Sale & Installation

Sale of all kinds of mag locks to secure your entrances at work, home, schools, churhes etc. Installation and maintenance services of magnetic door locks to keep your property safe. Fingerprint, card swipe electronic door locks from Supimens will secure your building. Fail proof security and latest technology features that gives you quality security services.

Fire Alarm / Smoke Detector System

We offer fire alarm systems to protect your property from fire and property damage. Intruder alert system to prevent burglaries in your homes and office.
Easy monitoring. You are safe to rely on our fire alarm and intruder alarm system to protect your property.

Video Intercom/Door Bell Systems

We have home  video door intercom systems & more at Supimens Limited. We have wired & wireless intercoms to let you communicate around your property.
SAFEGUARD YOUR HOME WITH THE LATEST GADGETS like intercom systems and video/audio door bells.

Automated Gate System

Save time and money opening and closing your gate, with our automated gate system, things just got easier for you and your family or business.

Prevent unnecessary hassle to open your gate.Protect your valuables by installing a gate motor to secure your property electronically.

Electric Fences Sales & Installations

Secure your house with electric fences from Supimens limited. Supimens limited is an expert in electric fencing in Ghana.

Prevent burglars and thieves from breaching your homes.Protect your valuables by installing an electric fence on your wall today.

PABX system Sale & Installation

Telephony Services, sale and installations of PABX systems. Large System configurations, homes, churches, offices etc. Supimens Limited offers networking and installation services.